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Kurhotel Fox

September 24, 2017

This spa hotel remained in an extremely good condition, even several years after closure. Even plans for a renovation have been made, until a fire in 2015 destroyed most of the building. The roofing tiles had to be removed and the wall cladding was force opened to extinguish the fire. The further we walked upstairs, the more destruction became visible. 

So why the name 'fox'? I went upstairs alone, took some pictures inside a room. When I left it and waited in the hallway, two foxes ran out of the room I had just been in. I couldn't move. One fox ran straight into another room after seeing me standing in the hallway, the other one did a hard stop because I was standing in its way, slipped on the floor, and jumped out of the window. (Yeah I looked to see if he was hurt or something, but he was gone.)



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